Put The Joy Back in Learning This Summer!
Weekly Online Summer Camps for Ages 5-15
  • Fun tech and math courses
  • Live, online instruction
  • Plus self-paced, at-home activities
  • Inspiring, highly trained teachers
  • Individualized attention - 4 students per teacher
  • Make friends with like-minded peers
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Tech Camps

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Spark a new interest!
Daily 90 minute sessions plus engaging at-home extensions.

Learn new tech skills. No prior experience required.

Coding 101 - Art & Animation Ages: 8-12
Coding 101 - Games Ages: 8-12
3D Modeling Ages: 9-13
Minecraft Ages: 8-12
Video Game Design Ages: 9-13
Digital Designer Ages: 9-13
Javascript Ages: 9-15

Brain Games

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Be a master problem solver!
Two 60 minute, daily sessions plus fun at-home activities.

Apply previously learned math concepts while tackling fun puzzles and playing math games together.

Addition & Subtraction Ages: 6-8
Multiplication & Division Ages: 7-9
Fractions Ages: 8-11
Geometry Ages: 12-15
Variables & Exponents Ages: 10-13
Elite Problem Solvers Ages: 10-14
Math Magic Ages: 9-13
Escape Room Design Ages: 9 - 13


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Get ready for school.
Two 60 minute daily sessions plus at-home practice assignments.

Build understanding and gain mastery of grade level core curriculum.

Kindergarten Ages: 4-6
First Grade Ages: 5-7
Second Grade Ages: 6-8
Third Grade Ages: 7-9
Fourth Grade Ages: 8-10
Fifth Grade Ages: 9-11
Pre Algebra Ages: 10-12

What Parents Say...

"Lucas has very much enjoyed both Math Plus Academy camps he has been a part of and looks forward to another fun camp next week (Coding 101: Games). All of the instructors are definitely making it exciting to work with these programs and we’ve been very impressed. "
"Online Tech: Minecraft camp was literally my son’s favorite class/ camp that he’s done in life (per him) in school or out of school. Thanks!!!"" "
"Brain Games: Multiplication/Divison was great! I loved that the student to teacher ratio was small. My child was challenged and I could see him struggling with the content but in a good way. The puzzles put a lot of context around the multiplication and division concepts and he totally gets them now. Thank you to all of you for organizing an enriching course."
"This camp really opened my son's eyes to an entirely new field. He continues to write new programs at home. Thanks for inspiring him!"
-- Zach's mom

Founder: Dr. Raj Shah

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I'm on a mission to make math irresistible for all.
Powered by my love of math, I earned a Ph.D. in Physics in 1999 which led to a decade in R&D at Intel. In 2008, I was struggling to find an effective math enrichment program for my 5 year-old son. So, I quit my job and spent three years develop a powerful curriculum and pedagogy designed to make your child think deeply about mathematics.

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  5. Rinse and repeat for each child 😉.

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